Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sanjaya added to Jordin's list

American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, has now included co-participant Sanjaya Malakar in her list of favorite male singers which includes singers Justin Timberlake and John Mayer. Sanjaya had gained the public's appreciation during his run because of his unusual style, something that the American Idol champ has recognised in her interview when she told the Associate Press that Sanjaya "had so much guts".

The two 17 year olds will sing in the American Idol concert tour starting in July along with other finalists of the hit show.

Tracy Morgan deals with drinking problems

Tracy Morgan will be wearing an alcohol monitoring device as part of his court ordered treatment for the next 2 months. Morgan pleaded guilty on a drunk driving charge in Febraury in New York and had also pleaded a no contest to a Driving Under Influence (DUI) charge earlier in Los Angeles.

Morgan, who will host the TV's "Guys Choice" awards in June, has addressed his drinking problem in public but had also said in an interview that he's trying to "keep moving forward".

Lindsay Lohan's father reveals about multiple addictions

Lindsay Lohan's father has told the media that the actress / singer suffers from multiple addictions including alcohol and OxyContin (a painkiller). Lohan has just recently checked into a rehab center after being arrested for suspicion of Driving Under Influence (DUI) after she crashed her car. Rehab centers aren't something new for Lindsay who has already checked in a rehab facility earlier this year.

Nicole Richie chewing over jailtime

Nicole Richie, after contemplating the prospects of facing jailtime, has admitted to being "nervous" about the situation. After being charged by the police in February for the offence of Driving Under Influence (DUI), Nicole Richie now faces possible jailtime.

Richie has mentioned publicly that she would "take responsibility" of whatever the outcome is and will deal with the consequences accordingly.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lindsay Lohan checks into Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is in the news again. This time following on the footsteps of her friend Paris Hilton and getting arrested under suspicion of DUI. She crashed her AMG modified Mercedes Benz at around 5:30 am in the morning.

It is rumoured that she went partying again on Memorial day weekend and passed out at the party. However, the Mean Girl star has reportedly checked into rehab again.

Lohan turns 21 on July 2.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hasselhoff Wins Custody

Remember this video? Yes, the famous drunk David Hasselhoff eating a burger video. In the video, Hasselhoff's daughter pleads him to stop drinking over and over again.

Anyway, the fierce court battle on the custody of his kids still goes on. However, Hasselhooff managed to gain temporary fully custody of his children after he agreed to alcohol testing.

On the other hand, Hasselhoff's ex wife, Pamela Bach was stripped of her custody of the children, when according to an expert, it was suggested that she was abusive with the kids and refused to take drug tests. Hasselhoff has custody of the kids till the next hearing in two weeks time.

Paula Abdul breaks her Nose

Trying to avoid tripping on her pet Chihuahua, Paula Abdul fell and broke her nose yesterday afternoon. However, she is recovering from the mishap and will appear on Tuesday for the American Idol season finale.

"I took a nasty fall ... trying not to hurt my dog. I bruised myself on my arm ... my chest, my waist all the way down to my hip. All from my little chubby Tulip," Abdul said.

Her publicist, David Brokaw insists that even though she's a little sore, she's doing fine. However, on the bright side, Abdul's pet Chihuahua was not harmed or killed by her fall.

Tagged! Paris Hilton, You're it!

Paris Hilton is heading for jail on the 5th of June. And just to make it easier for the Simple Life star, the prison chiefs have decided to tag Ms. Hilton with a special device to protect her from other inmates. However, it is still not certain if she will be having a cell mate.

Hilton can expect her days to be spent in 23-hour confinement in a 8 x 12 cell. One hour will be spent outside of the cell for showers, phone calls and exercise.

Earlier Paris dropped her sentence appeal and only has to spend 23 days in prison. Yes, her sentence was reduced from 45 days to 23 days. She plans to keep a diary of her days in prison which might sell for millions later.

I wonder what Paris has instore for us next; Who knows, maybe Paris Hilton may actually find true love in jail.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Scott Stapp's New Hit

The former lead singer of Creed seems to have gotten himself arrested again. This time hitting his way behind bars by using his wife, former Miss New York USA 2004 Jaclyn Nesheiwat, as the punching bag. This isn't the first time he's been arrested and with his record, most likely not the last.

After a night of partying he was confronted by by the Mrs. After awhile of arguing, Stapp lost his temper and in rage threw an Oranginabottle at her, hitting Jaclyn in the face. After which the authorities were called in.

I'm sure Mr. Stapp would have rather preferred having this little incident as a miss instead of a hit, or maybe he's just trying to keep up with the new trend started earlier by Paris Hilton by choosing the confines of a cozy prison cell instead of a presidential suite at a five star hotel. However, Stapp has been given a supervised release but is barred from seeing his wife.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The DL Dirt on Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best...

Today on the Down Low,
there seems to be no less than major drama, for the queen of drama. Last weekend, Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best were off tanning in the bahamas, so one would have thought that meant their personal life was going smoothly, but there seems to have been trouble in paradise. It has been rumored that Lohan “was screaming about how Calum was cheating on her,” at Bahamian nightclub Aura. Most likely, due to her anger, Lindsay decided to get so inebriated that she actually had to get help going back to her room by the hotel's staff; even though she actually set out to find Calum's room. It's best that Lindsay never made it to Calum's room, since it is reported by another hotel employee that he was scantily clad and in bed with another woman. Well, that's good for Lindsay, but I personally would have loved to hear of the drama queen's trauma at potentially finding another woman in her boyfriend's arms. That unveiling would have made for some Dirty DL gossip. However, this is not the end of Lohan's reported miseries. It has been stated that, Last Monday, at the Soho Grand, Calum (who isn't known for being a good boy) was seen coming out of an elevator looking pretty ragged, before he and Lindsay returned to their room. "Calum's clothes were torn, and after a few minutes, they got back into the elevator and went back to their room," says the spy about the fight that started at the penthouse and worked it's way down to the lobby. It wouldn't be a far fetch to assume that Lohan is still working hard to attempt to make Calum pay for his dirty indiscretions. That's not surprising, since it has also been reported that The British TV personality was "collecting numbers from all the models," at Cipriani's on Sunday night, whenever Lindsay turned her back. Smooth move ex-lax. Did you really think noone would ever mention that fact to Lindsey? Apparently, Lindsay has yet to pick a smart one for a boyfriend, but what else can you expect from the queen of drama?

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Ever been bewildered, bemused or bedazzled (or simply confused for that matter) by what Copyright is and what it's all about? This little parody made by Eric Faden using Disney's movies offers (or tries to) an explanation to the legal ramblings of the Copyright law, in a "A Fair(y) Use Tale".

Donald Trump, You're FIRED!

Donald Trump quit his job at NBC. Doesn't seem to be a big deal eh? Well, Mr. Trump quit his job *after* NBC announced that they were taking his show "The Apprentice" off the air. It's just funny how individuals with their buffed up egos react to circumstances.

Mr. Trump has no immediate plans to continue the show on another network. Trump's organization announced, “It looks like viewers will have to wait to see what Mr. Trump plans for the future, but if Mr. Trump's past TV success is any indication of the future, then one can anticipate that millions of 'Apprentice' fans will be migrating to his new venture."

The Apprentice was a big hit when it premiered back in 2004. However, the number of viewers declined over the years until it was sacked by NBC the past week. Donald Trump, we're sorry to say it but you didn't make it to the next season. Good luck with your future endeavors.